Daniel Schaaff

Children and Heaven on Earth

Since I’ve had a daughter, I’ve realized just how ignorant I was of a lot of evil in the world.  The world is a scary place and it is a huge responsibility to protect Mylin.  There is a lot of brokenness in the world and I continue to be amazed how much of this suffering is directed towards children.  Tif sometimes feels bad that when we have kids we bring them into such a terrible world, with such potential for terrible things to happen.  I try to keep a positive spin on this and view our children as an opportunity to change the world.  I hope to raise Mylin in such a way that she brings light and hope to the world.  I hope to raise her in a way creates strong families for future generations.  It is very important to protect Mylin as I do this.  I pray that God looks out for her and helps me raise a loving woman of God.  Parents, our children present the biggest opportunity we have to change the course of the future and provide some hope for love in this evil world.  It is depressing to consider the world’s depravity but let’s work to bring light into this darkness we presently call home.  Lets pray for our children to live rightly and lovingly and bring some of heaven down to earth.  Lord knows we need it.

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