Daniel Schaaff

New 'Arrested Development' Episodes Coming Exclusively To Netflix


> > March 19, 2011, an article entitled: “[Another Netflix Content Idea: Saving Cancelled Cult Hits](http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/19/netflix-cult-hits/)”: > > > >
>> >> Would the economics ultimately work out? It’s hard to say for sure. Even the House of Cards bet is still very much a bet for Netflix as well. But I do think that a proven cult hit like Firefly would be much less of a gamble (and could likely be secured for cheaper than House of Cards was). >> >> >> >> And that’s just one example. **Arrested Development**. Battlestar Galactica. Twin Peaks. These are all things that could succeed where they failed on television because it’s an entirely different model. >> >>
> > > > Bolding mine. Actually, entire article mine. > > > > You’re welcome, Netflix. Next bring back Firefly and we’ll call it even. > >

New ‘Arrested Development’ Episodes Coming Exclusively To Netflix

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