UI designer Jeff Broderick has put together a dashboard of frequently-used settings icons and has used URL scheming in order to allow the “installed” apps to act as widgets for those deeply-nested settings. (via One-Click Access to iOS Settings with Shortcut)

One thing iOS is still sorely lacking is quick access to certain functionality. Like WiFi, for example. Wouldn’t it be great if that area wasn’t two (or three if you use folders like me) clicks deep? Same with Hotspot. Airplane mode. Brightness. Bluetooth. Etc. Yes, Android does all of this better.

Until Apple catches up in the widget department (and you know they will), these apps (which are really just URL-based shortcuts wrapped in a pretty icon) by Jeff Broderick provide great workarounds. 

Just be warned that you’ll have to install an iOS profile to get each to show up, which means entering your device password over and over again. 

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