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ETHAN LUCK: Rebel Youth: 15 Years Of 'Armageddon Massive'

ethanjohnluck: > > ![image](https://66.media.tumblr.com/7e2acf9b235f06a6dd44480a69af0de4/tumblr_inline_mk5ekvtBrc1qz4rgp.jpg) > > Oh man, I’m getting old. As an 18 year old, I never thought I would have recorded an album and would write about it 15 years later. For those that don’t know, The Dingees was the first touring band I ... Read more

Hypercritical: Self-Reliance

I like when John Siracusa writes. Great takedown of the mobile landscape. Hypercritical: Self-Reliance Read more

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merlin: # My New Minimalist iOS Weather App > > > > Coming soon to the App Store. > > > > Only $3.99. > > Read more

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Pirate Bay Awesomely Aims to Sue Anti-Piracy Group for Copyright Infringement | SPIN | Newswire This is more than a little bit ironic. Read more

iOS Music Players

Pro tip. On the desktop we’re mostly limited to using iTunes for music playback (aside from streaming services). If you don’t like iTunes, good luck finding a better alternative. Thankfully the situation is different on an iOS device. Don’t like apple’s music app? Simply fire up the AppStore and download a 3rd party music player. I recommend c... Read more