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Google maps is out for iPhone, now everyone can calm down. – Read on Path. Read more

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Streaming Music Services VS an iTunes Addiction Music has been a huge part of my life for many years. I’m no longer a touring musician but I still play music as much as I can. Music is always playing in our house and I can’t imagine living life without it. Time has changed the way I listen to music a lot. I came of age in the era of the CD, bu... Read more


This is a must read article for fans of lost. It tracks the unlikely creation of the show and talks a lot about the creative process behind it. http://es.pn/YxPMYt Read more

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#chicago #logansquare #vscocam (at New Wave Coffee) Read more

Hey Damon from Galaxie 500: There Has To Be a Better Way | Evolver.fm

Another great perspective on streaming music royalties. It’s crazy to think that terrestrial radio pays no performance royalties at all. [Hey Damon from Galaxie 500: There Has To Be a Better Way Evolver.fm](http://evolver.fm/2012/11/15/hey-damon-from-galaxie-500-there-has-to-be-a-better-way/) Read more