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Parents Must Let Go of Their Desires for Their Time

In recent months Tif has said a few times how weird it is that I’ve been the one stressing out.  While in reality we’ve both had our fair share of stress, I have been unusually stressed.  Really, I just feel helplessly overwhelmed at times.  I’ve been working to figure out why and restore my usual calm and peace.  Thinking through this today, on... Read more

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thegaslightanthem: I guess I’m gonna have to change this blog’s name to “Sticking Up For People.com” > > > > ***EDIT: To clarify ONE THING… Mars Church or whatever… I have no idea what this is.  I’m writing this to address people I read attacking Dustin himself.  I know nothing of this church, and so I can not defend them beca... Read more

Giving Away Music Makes Sense

A really good take on the state of the music business as it relates to Spotify, piracy, iTunes, and money from Derek Webb. > > I’ll go even further to say that I actually prefer illegal downloading over Spotify because when you get music illegally it’s at least implicit in the transaction that what you’re doing is potentially harmful t... Read more

16 Truths About Fatherhood I’ve Learned From My Kids : ✪ MATTHEW PAUL TURNER ✪

16 Truths About Fatherhood I’ve Learned From My Kids : ✪ MATTHEW PAUL TURNER ✪ Read more

A Day in the Life of...Our Insanity

It turns out my wife is a fantastic writer.  She has written an excellent, entertaining, and thorough run down of what an average day for us looks like.  Raising a 2 year old while managing newborn twins is pretty hectic and challenging.  Its sometimes surprising that we’re surviving all of this. A day in the life…triple insanity Read more