Daniel Schaaff

Update to lita-activedirectory

I updated our Active Directory lita plugin today with support for querying the members of a given group. See https://github.com/knuedge/lita-activedirectory. It still needs some work to properly present errors when a user or group doesn’t actually exist in the directory. Right now it returns nothing rather then a helpful error. It works splendid... Read more

Automated Puppet Tests with Bamboo

rnelson0 is walking through automated Puppet testing with Jenkins on his blog. I thought I’d highlight how you can use a similar workflow in Atlassian’s Bamboo application. This assumes you already have a working Bamboo setup and are familiar with the general process for testing Puppet modules with rspec. Create a new plan The first step is to... Read more

Finishing the Puppet 4 Migration

Two days ago I finished our migration to Puppet 4. Overall I’d say the process was pretty painless. The gist of what I did start running rspec tests against Puppet 4 fix issues found in tests run the catalog preview tool and fix any issues found turn on the future parser on the existing master tur... Read more

Code Keyboard Tenkeyless - Massdrop

My favorite keyboard is up on Massdrop again. I highly recommend it. For the nerds keeping score I waffle between brown and blue switches(the clears made my fingers tired). https://www.massdrop.com/buy/code-keyboard-tenkeyless?referer=FNWB57 Read more

This is great.

My Priorities for the Next Four Years —Schneier on Security “Like many, I was surprised and shocked by the election of Donald Trump as president. I believe his ideas, temperament, and inexperience represent a grave threat to our country and world.” https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2016/12/my_priorities_f.html Read more