Daniel Schaaff

Jenkins Dynamic EC2 Slaves

There is a nice plugin for Jenkins that lets you dynamically add capacity by spinning up EC2 instances on demand and then terminating them when the job queue expires. This is a great way to save money on an AWS based build infrastructure. Unfortunately, the plugin documentation is really light and there are a few gotchas to look out for. Secur... Read more

Speeding up RSpec Tests in Bamboo

Now that roles and profiles are in my control repo my RSpec tests are taking longer then ever. As of this writing the control repo contains 938 tests and I’m still a long way from 100% coverage. This really slows down the feedback loop when running tests. When running locally I often just run RSpec against a specific spec file rather then run th... Read more

Tackling Tech Debt in Puppet

I spent some time tackling technical debt in our Puppet code this week. The biggest outstanding item was implementing eyaml for protecting secrets in Hiera. I’d also been encouraging developers to contribute to the Puppet code base  for some time, but they were restricted from the control repo due to some secrets kept in Hiera. This put a big da... Read more

Update to lita-activedirectory

I updated our Active Directory lita plugin today with support for querying the members of a given group. See https://github.com/knuedge/lita-activedirectory. It still needs some work to properly present errors when a user or group doesn’t actually exist in the directory. Right now it returns nothing rather then a helpful error. It works splendid... Read more

Automated Puppet Tests with Bamboo

rnelson0 is walking through automated Puppet testing with Jenkins on his blog. I thought I’d highlight how you can use a similar workflow in Atlassian’s Bamboo application. This assumes you already have a working Bamboo setup and are familiar with the general process for testing Puppet modules with rspec. Create a new plan The first step is to... Read more