Daniel Schaaff

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The idea of separation as a tool is the antithesis of rock and roll, which is a bunch of guys in a room making a sound and just capturing it. It's the sound they make together, not separated. This mythical bullshit about stereo and high tech and Dolby, it's just totally against the whole grain of what music should be. Keith Richards Read more

Would it even be worth it if you could go back and change the past?

Tif and I have had a lot of conversations about whether we would change the past.  I always would say that are things I would absolutely like to change.  That’s where I naturally go with regret.  Tif didn’t think you could divorce what has happened in the past with who we are today and in a lot of ways I’ve come to agree with her.  Good or bad, ... Read more

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Pretty girl (Taken with instagram) Read more

Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon

This is one of the better band documentaries I’ve seen in recent times.  Its really interesting to see all of their southern pentecostal and redneck roots. Read more

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Reorganized the homescreen. Read more