Daniel Schaaff

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Having good character means settling for what little I have, and participating in life rather than trying to conquer life. Donald Miller http://donmilleris.com/2012/01/23/work-on-your-character-and-a-good-life-will-come-to-you/ Read more

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themattsmith: > > Nevermind me, just a grown-up with a grown-up job over here > > Read more

Newt Gingrich on SOPA

> > the idea that we're going to preemptively have the government start censoring the Internet on behalf of giant corporations' economic interests strikes me as exactly the wrong thing to do. > > Read more

what will the next SOPA be?

This is a great read from Marco Arment.  Unfortunately our country’s problems will continue without some major campaign finance reform.  Instead of trying to protest these laws each time they inevitably come knocking, we need to unite against the corrupt campaign financing that allows money and special interests to dictate policy. what will the... Read more

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But trading places with someone wouldn’t fix anything; we’d just inherit a new set of things we wish we could change. No one has it altogether. http://breanneblanchard.com/the-comparison-game Read more