Daniel Schaaff

God is good... so good!

If you haven’t seen this already, my wife wrote a great post about some of the struggles of this past year and looking forward along some of the amazing blessings we’ve seen along way.   God is good… so good! Read more

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There is a low likelihood that anyone who has a technology-based education will directly utilize more 15% of the degree’s course content during his or her careers. (Business Management of Telecommunications. Pearson Learning Solutions p. 92).  <vbk:9781256084761#outline(> Read more

Twins - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine

A very interesting article on identical twins and the role of genetics in their similarities. Twins - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine Read more

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minimalmac: (via [Final Frame: Manhole Scroll Wheel | Apartment Therapy Unplggd](http://www.unplggd.com/unplggd/final-frame/final-frame-manhole-scroll-wheel-163529?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:%20apartmenttherapy/unplggd%20(Unplggd))) > > > > Good song choice! > > Read more

Samsung doesn't care about you

This about sums up the feeling I got during my stint with my galaxy s. Samsung doesn’t care about you Read more