Daniel Schaaff

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Taken with Instagram at New Life Lincoln Park Read more

Make Gmail play nice with Apple Mail

Yesterday I determined a compromise.  I’m going to keep using iCloud for contacts and calendars.  Google sync makes a mess of contacts, iCloud “just works.”  I’ll keep using Gmail for my main email.  I’ll access it through Apple Mail on the desktop and the iPhone’s built in mail app. Here’s how I set it up to avoid duplicate messages and other ... Read more

Gmail to iCloud to Gmail again...

I’ve used Gmail or several years and have really enjoyed the experience.  It’s not without its quirks however.  Anyone who has ever used Gmail with an IMAP client can attest to how wonky things can get.  The way Gmail’s All Mail folder functions causes lots of duplicate messages to show up.  If a message has a label it will appear in both a fold... Read more

Twins Ultrasound 10/28/11

We got to see the twins again today.  Twin A is slightly smaller and really active.  The little stinker was doing flips and waving during the ultrasound.  Twin B is slightly bigger and the more mellow twin.  Sounds like there’s a little Tif and a little me in there! Read more

Facebook Messenger

As much a I am prone to whine about Facebook, I really like the Facebook messenger app.  Now that I’m on iOS 5 I’m already seeing some benefit from using iMessage.  Mostly that its much faster at sending than standard text messages.  Facebook messengers offers more though.  It presents a unified communication stream between all devices.  If I’... Read more