Daniel Schaaff

The Twins' Ultrasound 10.21.11

We got to go see the twins again today.  It is amazing how much they are already moving around.  I could see their little arms and legs now!  The little tikes are healthy and everything is going well.  We were happy to hear that they each have their own placenta and sac, which is the most optimal condition for twins!  In the upper left hand corn... Read more

Fall in Galena

See the full gallery on Posterous Every fall we make the (soon to be much larger) family trip to Galena, IL. It’s a beautiful little historic town with its own charm. One of my highlights is always grabbing a beer from the Galena Brewing Company. This year I also added climbing the massive staircase to my list. The rewa... Read more

A Different Tragedy in Steve Jobs' Death

I love Apple and the products they create.  I always had an interest in gadgets but was too busy playing guitar and trying to keep an old Dell laptop working to take it much further than that.  It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago and bought my first Macbook Pro that I fell in love technology. There is something in the design of Apple products tha... Read more

A Worthy Chronicle by Randy Baranosky

I first met Randy during a spanish class in my freshmen year of high school.  Later I started going to the same Church he did.  I spent a couple years playing guitar on the worship team while he played drums.  Later he would join Memphis Belle (unfortunately near the bands end) and we would tour the country together.  Randy is extremely creative... Read more


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