Daniel Schaaff


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I hope I'm as cool as Mike Ness when I'm his age.

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My school thinks its 1999.

I am going to a technical school and studying networking.  It kills me when I’m watching a tutorial and the guy says “let me pull out my smartphone and use the browser to look at the manufacturers website” and then starts using a stylus.  Really?! Read more

Sync your Twitter timeline with Tweetmarker

For a long time I used Echofon as my main twitter app.  It was ugly as sin but it would sync my unread status between my iPhone and my mac.  Eventually I fell in love with Tweetbot too much to keep using Echofon.  I always missed the syncing though and I usually avoided using Twitter on my mac because I hated having to scroll to find where I lef... Read more

Tell me again, Microsoft, why I have to quit Safari to update word?

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