Daniel Schaaff

Another reason to love apple

One of the biggest criticism I usually hear about Apple products are that they are too expensive.  Never mind that these criticisms don’t understand total cost of ownership.  When OSX Lion is released in July it will only cost users $30.  There are two versions.  If you want OSX server you are only forking over $50 for a license.  Compare that t... Read more

Am I back in Lancaster?

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Holy heat batman

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Hello summer

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Organization is hard

Organization is hard.  Its definitely not my strong point.  Just ask my wife how well I remember things she asks me to do.  Recently I’ve come across the the Getting Things Done concept.  Admittedly I have not read David Allen’s book, but I have done my fair share of googling.  As far as I can gather, it basically says to create a system to capt... Read more