I first met Randy during a spanish class in my freshmen year of high school. Later I started going to the same Church he did.  I spent a couple years playing guitar on the worship team while he played drums.  Later he would join Memphis Belle (unfortunately near the bands end) and we would tour the country together. Randy is extremely creative and talented and I have the utmost respect for him. 

When I moved to Chicago we jammed by email with a few dirty garage songs.  Later he recorded A Worthy Chronicle and asked me to mix it.  I had spent several months interning for a major recording studio and spent time around some truly great engineers.  I had not, however, ever fully mixed anything myself besides messing around at the studio.  It was no brainer for me to tackle mixing these songs.  

Right after I started Tif and I had Mylin.  It turns out learning effective time management while raising a child, attending school full time, and playing in a band isn’t so easy.  Randy was VERY gracious with the fact that it took me over a year to complete.  It was a lot of fun and some great practice.  If I were to tackle this project now it would probably only take me a few weeks to complete, at most. 

I really like the personality of these songs.  Do me a favor and give the record a download.  You can name your own price on his bandcamp page or stream it directly.