We obviously knew Tif was pregnant. We were trying to have our second baby and today was our first ultra sound. As the nurse started the ultrasound the first thing she says is “uh oh, your having twins.”  Haha, funny joke.  I thought, this nurse is funny. Then I see two sacs as she says “better you than me.” WHAT!!! Turns out that there’s two babies in there. I started sweating. HOLY CRAP! Twins!!Tif and I always said that we wanted two babies. I never considered having more. I was good with two. Well, God had different plans. This generation of Schaaff’s will number 5 just like the previous one. We’re e excited, but if I’m to be transparent, I must admit I’m super scared. I was already a little nervous about waking up all night again. Now I’m worried about how the heck I’m going to take care of two newborns and a toddler! I already know this will be the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but it will also be the most rewarding. I definitely don’t know how we’re gonna do it…but I know that we will. Please send up some prayer for us. There will be a lot of logistical and personal challenges and we need all the grace we can get.