I’m in the process of migrating my email from Google Workspace to iCloud+. I’ve been using Google Workspace (aka gsuite, aka whatever name Google switches to next week) for my email for a long time. For ages it was free and made perfect sense as a service. Those free accounts have gone away, and the service’s focus is clearly aimed at the enterprise and not individuals like me. The price per user is also about to increase on me, so this felt like a good time to try something else. I’m only really interested in hosting email for a few custom domains and have no needs for any features beyond that. Our family already uses iCloud for everything so I figured why not give it a try.

The setup flow was fairly straightforward and I think Apple did a good job with the instructions. After updating my DNS I was good to go. I’m currently using the imapsync tool to copy over all of my email from the Google account. Should out to this blog post that turned me on to that tool. I’ll try to remember to come back and update the blog with how things are going after some time has passed.